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The Righteous Battle Is Man’s Religious Duty

Even from the point of view of thine own dharma (one’s rightful duty) thou shouldst not inwardly oscillate! There is nothing more pro­pitious for a Kshatriya than a righteous battle.

O son of Pritha (Arjuna), fortunate are the Kshatriyas when such a righteous battle has, unprovoked, fallen to their lot; they find therein an open door to heaven.

But if thou declinest to undertake this righteous combat, then, hav­ing relinquished thine own dharma and glory, thou wilt reap sin.

Men will ever speak of thine ignominy. To the man of repute, dis­honor is veritably worse than death.

The mighty chariot warriors will assume that thou hast shunned this war through fear. Thus wilt thou be lightly regarded by those who had thought highly of thee.

Thy foes will speak contemptuously (words improper to utter), maligning thy powers. What could be more painful than this?

If thou shouldst die (battling thine enemies), thou wilt gain heaven; if thou conquerest, thou wilt enjoy the earth. Therefore, O son of Kunti (Arjuna), lift thyself up! Be determined to fight!

Equalizing (by evenmindedness) happiness and sorrow, profit and loss, triumph and failure — so encounter thou the battle! Thus thou wilt not acquire sin.

  -- The Maitreya (Bhagavad-Gita) - 31:38

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Lord Maitreya, Twin of Lord

Greetings ...

    I come to initiate the line of Bodhisattvas of the New Age. I come to inquire: Are there any among you who care enough for Terra to live and to love, and to live and to serve until this people held in the hand of God come into the center of the One? ...
Here I AM and, startling as it may seem, I have always been with you, even in the darkest hours of your aloneness, even in the hour of your rejection of my presence when you have cried out, "Whither shall I flee from thy presence?" (Psalm:7) For you have known in your soul that although you would ascend into heaven or be in the depths of the underworld, you would find Maitreya Buddha answering the call of Gautama Buddha, of Sanat Kumara.

For long ago I took my vow:
                 I will not leave thee, O my God!
                 I will not leave thee, O my God!

And I saw my God imprisoned in flesh. I saw the Word imprisoned in hearts of stone. I saw my God interred in souls bound to the ways of the wicked.

And I said again:
             I will not leave thee, O my God!
             I will tend that fire.
             I will adore that flame.
             And by and by some will aspire to be with me— To be Maitreya.

And one day I sat, my head in my hand, deep in thought, and Lord Gautama said to me, "What are you thinking, my Son?" And I said, "My Father, can we win them with kindness and with love? Will they respond to Love?" And my Father said to me, "If you hold within your heart, my Son, the full orchestration of Love, 144,000 tones of Love, if you yourself will come to know Love, then, yes, you will win them with Love."

My heart leaped for joy. My Father had given to me the challenge to know Love, to be Love, not for the sake of mere love and loving Love, not for the sake of the mere bliss of the communion of Love, but for the salvation of souls, for the reaching out unto my God in humanity.
    -- Lord Maitreya Nov, 21 1976 - from the Book Maitreya on The Image of God.


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